Thursday, June 16, 2016

Greenwood Fest 2016

Eating spoon collaboration with JoJo Wood (left)

"I want to live in a society where people are intoxicated with the joy of making things."

- William Coperthwaite

And for a few brief and amazing days I lived in this world at Pinewoods Camp in Plymouth, MA. I've spent several days thinking about how to write about the experience of Greenwood Fest.

One could certainly look at the instructors, a collection of true woodcraft masters from the US and Europe. The opportunity to study with one or several of these people would be an amazing opportunity for any craftsperson.

Jogge Sundqvist shares stories of craft in the carving forum

Another point of view would look at the venue: Pinewoods Camp. An isolated retreat perfectly suited to an exercise in woodcraft and simple living with rustic cabins, wholesome food, and limited connectivity to the world. Greenwood Fest would not have been what it was without Pinewoods Camp as the setting.

Perhaps it was the attendees, taking a break from their lives to gather here. One hundred sixty crafts people sharing their passion for woodcraft. They readily shared techniques, stories, philosophies, and demonstrations with friends old and new.

But I believe that it was not one, but the intersection of all these things that made Greenwood Fest 2016 a gathering that we will all cherish. I'm sure that if you asked those members of Plymouth Craft that worked so hard to put it all together they could point out flaws, but to me it was perfect and for just a while they made it possible to experience Bill's words in our lives.

Peace, Love and Sloyd

P.S. Paula Marcoux, Ella's was excellent! Thanks for the recommendation. 

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