Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back with some spoons

A future spoon
Took kind of a blog hiatus without really intending to. Was just involved with stuff, home projects, kid and vacation and didn't really have much to write about I guess. Anyway one thing I was doing was taking a crack at carving some spoons. A little hatchet and a couple of knives and I'm on my way. It's been a nice way to incorporate a little woodworking into my daily life, a spoon is a small project and the tools are portable so I try and make them on my lunch break.

Part way done
Above you see the spoon nearing completion, this one from the right hand piece of wood in the top photo. To this point has been about 1 hr. or so and this is my very first spoon. I find I really get into the carving and quite lose track of time.

My first two spoons
Here's the completed spoon along with the little scoop I made from the other section of that branch. The spoon is finished in raw linseed (flaxseed) oil from the health food store. It's in the kitchen now so we'll see how it holds up. These first two were a lot of fun and I've already got some more underway.

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