Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dreams and Reality

Great Grandpa's plane-- He didn't need an upgrade
Sometimes it amazes me what I think I want. Many a time I realize that the dream might be the exact opposite of what I want in reality. Other times I realize that what I already have is pretty darn sweet! Take a case in point of my shop space. I've always wanted a separate shop building, natural light, high ceiling, ease of access, good amount of room. All nice things in a shop. Maybe even a wood stove, dare to dream! Anyway I'd say that's a pretty typical shop wish list, and just about the opposite of the shop space I have in my basement right now, except now I don't think I really want it anymore.

Why the change of heart you ask? I've had the opportunity to work in a friends shop, which meets many of my dream requests. It's separate from the house, has nice ceilings, ease of access, etc... It would also not be nearly as convenient for me in my life as it is in my imagination. For instance it's been a cold winter here in Western PA and I've never had to give a second thought to heating my shop, the basement is always well above freezing and if it's a little chilly I can kick on my gas heater. I can't imagine having to pre-plan heating up the shop from below freezing temps. I can go down there and work any time, even for just a few minutes if that's all I have.

Also it's in the house so all my tools are right there if I need something for a little job around the house I can just go grab it. It's nice. It's actually a pretty convenient shop and it's small size I think has actually helped me become a better woodworker. It's made me challenge my assumptions of what's necessary and come up with creative solutions to get things made.

Don't get me wrong, my shop has its drawbacks, but I guess I'm just realizing those dream items have theirs too.

My little woodworking den, ca. 2012

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