Friday, February 7, 2014

Portable Workbench

Beginning of the portable bench
I've been needing a portable workbench for a while so you can see the beginning of a small bench above. The top and front apron are made from the top of my old bench which was a double layer of baltic birch plywood, rest of the structure so far is 2 x 6 construction lumber. I've sized the bench so it fits in my car with one half of the split rear seat down, making it 52 long and 18 deep. Once the legs are are on it will be the same height as the shop bench, or about 33" high. I'm going to make the legs removable to make transport easier. I've still got a couple of wooden screws left from the vises of the previous bench so one of those is definitely going to be put to use for a leg vise for this bench. 

Other additions will be a planing stop similar to the one I showed in a previous post, a planing stop along the back that can be raised for traverse planing and handles and maybe some wheels to make moving it around easier. 

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