Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Bench Takes Shape

Just about ready for dog holes, stops and vise jaw
Well I got the tops on and they are pretty flat but I'll probably take a couple of passes with the try plane again in a couple of days. Also smoothed them into the skirts real well and the vise hardware is sliding sweetly. Feels good to be close. I've got about 9 hrs in to this point.

Part way through flattening with my #8
Flattening was easier than I thought it would be and just doing the basic diagonal to the grain both ways to flatten removed most of the twist that was left. I can tell just from planing the top that I was right to make this bench lower than the previous one. I can really get my body behind the plane now which really reduces the effort. Check back soon and hopefully I'll have some holes for the holdfasts drilled. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving weekend.

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