Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Bench Work

Transverse bearers installed
After a couple hours more work time I've got the skirts glued and screwed onto the legs and the transverse bearers installed. I've also shot the top edges of the skirts with the joiner plane so they are straight and in the same plane with each other, or at least as close as I could get. I'll get another shot at making things flat when dressing the top with the joiner plane.

Ledgers on which the bearers rest
Here you can better see one of the ledgers on which the bearers sit. This is 3/4 material that was glued and screwed to the inside of the skirt. If you look up by the leg, you can see the ledgers make a kind of dado for the leg to fit into. Once the glue was dry I removed all the screws, that way I won't hit any when boring holes for holdfasts and such.

Bearers are above skirts when installed
Although this bearer isn't completely installed you can see it is above the jointed edge of the skirt top. This will be planed down even with the skirts on each bearer making a flat surface for the the tops to be added. The bearers are held in place with a 3" deck screw from each end. I also put a dab of glue under them on the ledger just to make me feel good. In case I haven't mentioned it I have pre drilled all of the screw holes and any screws that remain in the skirts and legs, as well as the top are counterbored 1/4" to allow them to be planed over safely.

Next post will be top attachment and vise planning.

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