Friday, November 22, 2013

Almost Time for the Top

Starting to look like something
Well I don't have the tops attached yet but am real close, they are just laying there in the photo. I've got to get the planing stops put in place and I'm going with the standard friction fit 2x2 wood stop. One on each end nearest the side for right handed work. I also have to mount the face vise hardware on the left end of the side you see in the photo. Then I can get the tops in place. The gap between is a little wider than I hoped but I have some 5/4 pine that I can plane down to make the stop that fits there. On the upside I'll have no problem getting f-clamps in there if I need to.

Bearers and skirts planed flush
Here's whats under the tops. I think I'm going to fill the gaps between the bearers with some more 3/4 material to make it thicker for holdfast holes. I have plenty lying about.

Close up of the bearer skirt intersection
Hopefully I'll find some time to get the stops and vise in place soon. Gotta get the stops and tops put together so I can plane out the stock for the vise cheek. Time invested so far 7 hrs 15 min.

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