Monday, November 25, 2013

A wiſe man will make Tools of what comes to Hand

Winding sticks of aluminum angle, also makes a good straight edge
Saw the title proverb on Lost Art Press this morning and immediately thought of these sticks. 

Winding sticks are something that I've made and lost numerous times. Probably end up being part of  a project or pitched into the fire bin accidentally. I've never made them fancy to discern them from other pieces/parts. So I was in the orange store the other day and picked up this aluminum angle, which is quite straight and was like "Hey, winding sticks!" Brought 2 home, 36" sections and applied black electrical tape to the edge of one, and white electrical tape to the edge of the other. Then I nested them and drilled hole near one end to hang them on. Tada! Winding sticks in 2 minutes that won't get lost or used for shims.

I think these are great for people just starting out in hand planing. You have sticks that are straight and long to show twist in the board and will help you improve your planing skills without having to have good planing skills to make a set. Plus they make a good straight edge as well for testing flat.

Ten bucks, 5 minutes, and if the tape gets damaged just put new on. Easy.

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