Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sharpening and Speaking Updates

The sharpening moves forward and all the moulding planes are done. After going through them one by one and sharpening the irons and testing their fit I only have two that need further attention. My one snipe bill has a loose front boxing so I'll need to remove and re-glue that. Seems like a good topic for a future series of posts if I can remember to take pics when I do it. The other is my larger ogee need the iron re-profiled to match the sole, apparently the stock has shrunk a little too much over the last century. Probably another good post topic.

Still have the gouges to do as well as a few misc. tools like the router plane. Should have everything in shape by the end of the month.

A change to the speaking engagements mentioned a few posts back. Due to a conflict with another event my March 9th talk on track saws will be postponed till April or May. When I know the exact date I'll post another update along with the details.

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