Saturday, January 5, 2013

Workshop Update

Been a while since we had an update on what the workshop is looking like so I thought I'd post a few photos again. Always refining down there, who knows what it will look like next year but I'm proud to say that it's becoming less cluttered and more useful.

Moved the bench over to make more space between the lathe and bench.
Here we have a view from the foot of the stairs. I moved the bench over to the right to make more space between the bench and lathe. Liking this so far with the tool chest centered on the far side. Makes the whole space feel more roomy.

Power tools where the bandsaw used to be.
Moved the power tools to where the bandsaw used to be. This seems to be a good space for them and they are mobile when on top of the vac. The walkway on this side is smaller than it used to be but I'm ok with it and may push the bench farther this way as I rearrange other stuff in the basement.

Tool wall redux.
So I've redone the tool wall again. Most of the stuff that used to be over here went in the chest so I deleted the saw till from the shop and put the full size saws on this wall. The panel saws and back saws are in the tool chest, along with the surprising Disston compass saw that my father got me for Christmas. This little bench still has the sharpening station on the right, which is something I've come to like alot. The large oak below is the beginnings of a trestle table. 

So I think this arrangement has made the shop feel more spacious as well as put things closer to hand. It's been this way a couple of months and I'm liking it real well. 

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