Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Been away too long

Sorry, been on a bit of a break while we're adjusting to the new life with the baby. He's doing great and we're all getting along well. There have been some changes in the shop as well.

I'm still culling some tools out of the inventory and it's making the shop a better place to work. I got a couple of tool rolls and my chisels and gouges have moved into the tool chest, as have the auger bits. Pretty much all of the major items have moved in there now and I'm quite happy. Still trying to figure out how to get the bow saw, the bit brace and my mallets in there but I'll come up with something. Full size handsaws are still in the till but that's on the wall now. We'll see how long they stay there.

Power tool inventory is down a bit. Have parted with a few redundant drills, the router and some bits, 2 shop vacs and a power bench grinder and now stuff can be stored and accessed easily.

Still on the to do list is a wood scrap cleanout. I'm terrible at this being one of those people that believes that every scrap can be useful down the road but I just have too much now. Probably end up listing it on Freecycle as fire wood as soon as I get an opportunity to box it up.

Hopefully we'll be covering an actual project here soon.

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