Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uncluttering the Workshop

So I've kind of caught the un-cluttering bug and figure that it's always best to eat your own dog food so to speak when it comes to new approaches so I've been working on reducing the superfluous items in the shop and in my stuff in general. So in the shop, which I had kind of reduced over the time of this blog by changing my work style, I decided to start off small. I grabbed a box and donated all of the little tools I had too many multiples of. Slip-joint pliers 6 pair, donated 4 pair. 25' tape measures, had 6 and donated 4. Random screw drivers, old files, random drill bits, etc. If I had multiples I got rid of the worst ones. Easy, and now I can find stuff in the tool box without hunting and the lid closes. A no-brainer.

Once I got the tool chest I stocked it up with the planes I use. Apparently I had kind of an addiction to bench planes, even after a previous purge. So into the chest went the 2,3,5 and 8 and the rest went to eBay. Now I can fit my bench appliances under the bench... nice! Having the extra space in the shop is nice for working and being able to find stuff is even better. Feels more organized and spacious. So I'm continuing the clean out and it feels good knowing the important stuff is in the chest and the extra is headed out.

Anyone in the market for a Stanley #32 transitional jointer?

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