Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tool Chest Update

Well I've had the tool chest for a few weeks now and am slowly moving stuff into it. I've got my moulding planes in there along with my bench and joinery planes all on the bottom. I've applied some wax to the tills and they are sliding much better along their guides and I've got some tools in a few of them. Figuring out how stuff is going to live in there is probably the hard part, balancing access vs. efficient use of space. I'm aiming for the joint ideal of having most of my tools in the chest while being able to access the most used stuff easily.

So far I like the chest and I'm glad to have it. I've got to get some tool rolls for chisels and gouges and such. I also have to build a little slotted rack to hold the saws in the saw till. Once I do that I'll have most of the stuff I hope to store in there and I'll take some pictures.

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