Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Less Coffee Table

Well if router planes make poor coat racks, then tool chests make poor coffee tables, right? So of course I had to rescue this one from the imminent arrival of such fate. This was a Craigslist find, and it was actually near enough by to make a rescue attempt possible.

Saved from coffee and scones and long hours of reality TV.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, I shot these with my phone. Anyway when I acquired this chest it was in what I would call pretty alright condition, except for the floor which was trashed. The chest itself is 38x22x18. It appears to be constructed of walnut for the case with mahogany and cherry for the tills. The old bottom was 5/8 walnut, screwed on, which appears to have been the original construction.  I have replaced it with 3/4 pine, tongue and grooved, also held on with screws. I also added two cedar battens at the bottom and some wheels for moving it around the shop.

The luxurious interior. 
Here's an interior shot. What you see in the back is the top two of 3 tills, top one with lid. The bottoms of the tills are applied to the bottom of the boxes with small screws. In the front is a removable saw till with lid. When the saw till is removed there is a small rack with thin slots which hold squares and other marking tools nicely. You can't see the tools in this rack without removing the saw till.

A closer view.

It still needs a little cleanup and some wax to get the sliding tills moving a little better but with a new bottom I think it will be a usable piece. I just have to figure out how/where to put all my stuff in there, but getting them out from under the bench will be a huge improvement.

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