Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disston 7, Oak 0

Is there much better than a good handsaw? Was just spending a little time in the shop this evening and decided to break down some white oak 4x4 and 4x6 that is to become the base of a trestle table for the kitchen. My grandfather had these beams for ages and now they are going to become something. Three cuts in the 4x6 and four cuts in the 4x4 to get them down to rough length so I can get them on the bench for planing. My 8pt D-23 did the honors without complaint. It was wandering to the right on the first cut so 2 strokes on the right side of the teeth with a medium oil stone set it right. Amazing what you can do with a handsaw.

Took the jack plane to a couple of the pieces just to see what the figure was like. Since the pieces are so large there is at least one good radial face on each piece with nice fleck that I'm definitely going to try to highlight on the outer ends of the trestle. Got me excited to work on it some more soon, been a while since I've made a furniture piece.

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