Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Already?

Wow, there's been a dearth of posting on this blog for the past two months, sorry about that. Been busting some butt to get those brackets up and a roof upon them, the screen doors, which you may remember from past posts, installed, and the foundation repaired. This weekend I'll be taking a crack at repairing a flat roof and installing rubber roofing. Fun? Just too much to do. I'm hoping that the fall weather that is setting in brings with it some more shop time fewer outdoor projects. Oh and add to that being in the UK for fourteen days and a quick trip to Cincinnati/Covington for Woodworking in America and there has been a lot going on.

I'm going to try to update this blog on a weekly basis even if it's just to be a short post. I think that should be pretty doable so keep an eye out for a new post on Thursdays. I'm also trying to remember to take a few more pics of projects as they are going on.

I also have some pictures to share from vacation and some stories from WIA to share, so I should have some material to keep me going for a while.

Also, could you, if you are a regular reader, become a follower of this blog and/or post a comment? It helps to have some idea that people are out there reading and I've enjoyed getting the few comments I've received so far.

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