Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well it's been a while...

Well I've been busy working in the shop on a couple of projects and working my day job as well. Not even sure if anyone is reading this old blog but I'll post anyway on a couple of topics.

Track Saw
If you have been reading this blog from time to time you may have seen my posts about the Festool TS75 that I purchased to replace my table saw. So far so good. I've been happy with the change and the extra space in my workshop is much appreciated. I'm convinced that this tool is a viable and useful alternative to the table saw. I'm not going to say that you can do everything that you can do on a table saw with the track saw, tenons come to mind, but I think with a router, the track saw, and some creativity you can accomplish most of the operations you would do on a table saw.

Hand Work
I find myself doing more and more work with hand tools and my power tool collection is diminishing somewhat. I find that my go to tools for several functions, planing, sawing, among others are hand tools due to the quiet and reduced dust. Woodworking is fun again and I'm always eager to get back into the shop. My hand tool skills are improving rapidly with all the practice.

Screen Doors
I've been building a set of screen doors for my 1880's home from 5/4 clear pine using mortise and tenon joinery. This qualifies as my first mostly hand tool project. I did rip the wood to width with my TS75 and have done about half of the mortises with my hollow chisel mortiser, but I cut the tenons by hand and have done some of the mortises with the Ray Iles English pattern mortise chisels. Man those chisels can take a beating, and really the mortising isn't much slower. I do recommend a really large beech mallet for the 3/8 and larger chisels. Hopefully I'll have some time to post some pics of the doors soon.

Thanks for reading.

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