Thursday, May 13, 2010

In with the New: Festool TS 75

Well my new Festool TS 75 arrived the other day. I ordered the TS 75 kit, which includes the saw itself in it's Systainer and a 75 inch track. I also ordered the track accessory kit in it's Systainer (angle guide, 2 track clamps, track connectors, hose and cord guide, rail stop) and a 42 inch track. The accessories are back-ordered as is the shorter rail so I haven't received those yet.

Anyway I've started using the saw some now that my table saw is gone and it's really my only saw for precision cutting. So far I've cut up some plywood with it for a shelf under my workbench. I have to say that the cut quality is great with the stock blade. Also the ease of just setting the rail on the line is a real time saver, the friction strips keep rail where you place it. So far one of the advantages of this system is the ability to cut any line. I had to cut a mild diagonal on one piece to make it sit just right against the leg of the bench. Easy as pie, cant do that easily with a table saw and with a regular circular saw and a guide it's probably hit or miss. I just made a mark one one end and aligned with the corner on the other end when I set the rail down and cut it.

I'm looking forward to doing some work with solid wood and the TS 75 and I'll be keeping you up to date on how that is working out.

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