Teaching Dates

The best way to learn, by doing.
Classes and presentations we're doing around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Classes for winter and spring 2017 are now scheduled, more will follow. This year I'm putting them in by organization and then date so be sure to scroll down.

Landmarks Preservation Resource Center All classes are from 6:30pm to 8:300pm
  • January 19th : Modern Retrofits for Vintage Homes
  • February 16th : Exterior Woodwork, Maintenance and Repair
  • March 16th : Multiple Moulding Making Methods
  • April 20th : Wooden Windows, Maintenance and Repair
  • May 11th : Maintenance and Restoration Planning


  1. Hi, I saw a suggestion online that you're the best person to hit up to learn about woodworking-- I don't see a way to contact you, but if you could email me, that would be appreciated!

  2. Unfortunately I can't contact you directly since you posted this comment anonymously. If you want to get in touch directly via email you can click my name in this reply for my profile and you'll find an email link there.