Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Landmarks Preservation Resource Center Classes

Classes at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center for 2016 have been announced. Check out the schedule on the Teaching Dates page here. A few changes for this year include a longer class time of three hours running from 10am to 1pm and a year long arc of content on beginning hand tool woodworking. I'm excited about these changes since I felt in the past it was necessary to rush in the previous time window and that those who are able to attend all the sessions will get pretty complete exposure to woodworking with hand tools. Rest assured that each session will still continue to stand on its own and be of value even if you miss some sessions.

Take special note that the first class date is Saturday, January 16th. In this first session we'll be diving into the tool chest to discuss what you need and what you don't and participants will have an opportunity to try out some of the tools on their own. Should be a fun and interesting time.

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