Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Build a Box Workshop Followup

Everyone marking out and sawing the shoulder of their rabbet
Everyone really jumped right into the work at the box building workshop this past Saturday at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center. Things went really well I thought. Everyone did great with the sawing of the rabbet shoulders, chiseling out the waste and finishing with the router plane.

Also thanks to everyone for making it through making the grooves when some of the plow planes were being a little finicky.  At least we had a couple that were working well and everyone made it through.

Beveling the edges of the bottom to fit the plowed grooves
Beveling the bottoms of the boxes to fit the plowed grooves went smoothly with the block and jack planes. The bench hooks worked really well for beveling the end grain edges and some stops on the bench were set up to hold the work for plowing and also for beveling the long edges of the bottom with the jack plane.

Hopefully everyone learned something and had as much fun as I did. Our last class of 2015 will feature mortice and tenon joints in the making of a frame. I'm figuring out what to do for the programs in 2016 so I'd love if you would leave your feedback or suggestions for next year's workshops in the comments section of this post.

If you've enjoyed a workshop or just think getting people exposed to hand powered woodwork is a good idea leave a couple of dollars in our tool fund at Thanks!

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