Friday, March 6, 2015

Planes for the Saw Bench Workshop

Get your hands on these at the build a saw bench workshop.
I've been getting these planes cleaned up and sharpened in preparation for participants to use at the saw bench workshop coming up this month. While making the saw bench doesn't include a lot of hand plane action, it does provide an introduction to these tools for trimming and cleaning up.

For the uninitiated that may be reading, the little guys on the left are block planes, and the larger to the right is the common Stanley Bailey #5, usually referred to as a jack plane. We'll be using the block planes to trim up our joints and the jack planes to cleanup and size pieces after sawing.

In my opinion if you are going to work with wood, whether with power or hand tools, you should probably own these two planes. I use mine all the time and are the two planes that are on my bench the most often. And if you come to the workshop you'll be able to try out a plane that's sharp and ready to use.

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