Monday, July 14, 2014

Thanks to all who attended the workbench presentation!

A great group of people and a great bench
Just wanted to send a quick thanks to everyone who came to the workbench presentation on Saturday at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center. Everyone really got involved in constructing the bench and it came together great.  We had several people who were working with tools and building something for the very first time. Hopefully they had a good time and will find out more.

Cleaning up and signing our work
A special thanks to Mike Siemsen, of Mike Siemsen School of Woodworking, whom I met at Woodworking in America in 2013. He inspired me to build this bench style for my shop and with the utility of the design for all kinds of work and the low cost I'm glad I got to share it with a few more people. It's a great bench that's easy to construct and a lot of thanks to Mike for his work on this design.

As we went along participants really jumped right in
As always anyone interested in woodworking or that has questions should feel free to contact me either through the comments on this blog or via my email under my blog profile. Look forward to hearing from you!

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