Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Slow January

Jaw for new vise
Sorry it's been kind of a slow January here on the blog. Keeping a toddler entertained in the winter takes a lot of time. Anyway a little bit has been happening in the shop so here's an update.

The jaw for the vise you see above is done and I reused the jaw from the small twin screw vise that I had on the old bench. I filled the holes with the large dowel I had for making the wooden screws for that vise and some epoxy for any gaps. You can't see them in the photo because I veneered the outside face with some thin poplar I had around to give a clean look. The inside face is lined with leather for grip and I added some leather patches over the dowels on the inside.

I've also started on the chop for the leg vise on the other side of the bench. I might even get to complete that this evening, definitely this week.

It's probably time again to do another workshop photo tour since things have been re-arranged yet again and there is the new bench. I'll put in links to the previous ones so you can compare.

So look for that stuff and more regular postings in February.

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