Monday, July 22, 2013

Goings On

Apologies for the silence on the blog as of late, sometimes getting the day to day done is all you can do. Anyway some stuff has been happening here in the woodworking realm as I try to get into the shop a little more. Currently I have 2 projects going on and one speaking date lined up.

Project One, a new bench:
I've had some 4x4 and 4x6 white oak around for a while now and it's started to become the base for a new bench. I had been looking for a while for something to do with it, it's not the nicest cut as it contains the pith in a couple of pieces but it's been cut probably 20 years or more and has probably done all the checking its going to do. The wood is cleaning up nice and I've got a square corner planed on all the pieces so after the rough sides are cleaned off I can start cutting the joinery, going to be drawbored mortice and tenon all around. The design is going to be Roubo with a 48 x 20 base and a 6 to 8 ft top. Leg and tail vises only. I've settled on laying up a top out of 8/4 maple and am currently shopping around for vise hardware. Hopefully I'll figure out how to fit at least 7 ft of bench in my shop.

Project Two, the Bog Chair:
A simple style of take down chair that consists of two boards, one that slips through a hole in the other to form the seat and back and 2 legs. I'm making it out of a couple of planks of cherry. The nice thing about it is that it's a useful camp style chair that only takes a few simple tools to build. A jack plane to smooth the wood, rip and crosscut hand or panel saws, a bit brace and bits, and a chisel. If you want to get fancy you can add a bow saw to that list to add some treatments to the seat and the top of the back. I'll be making mine in a Gothic inspired style.

Speaking date, Track Saw as a Table Saw Alternative:
To demonstrate the track saw as an alternative to the table saw, especially for those of us with small shops, I'll be working with plywood and solid pine stock to create two simple chairs. Through these two projects ripping, crosscutting and making plunge and blind cuts will be covered. Also shown will be dust collection of the track saw system. If all goes well I'll have both a Festool and a Makita track saw with me for comparison. This talk will be at the Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers meeting on Sept 14th, 2013. The meeting starts at 9am and the demonstration will begin at 10am. See the Western Pennsylvania Woodworkers website for directions and details. You don't have to be a member to attend a meeting.

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