Thursday, September 13, 2012

Router Ambivalence

So like many woodworkers I have a power router. I also don't like to use it. I've been using moulding planes more and more so I turn to the router less and less but there it sits in the cabinet. I've been unwilling to part with it but think about getting rid of it all the time. Its a 2.5 HP fixed base and I don't really have a ton of bits for it, a set of quarter round/ovolo bits and a set of coves and some various straight bits with and without guide bearings. My thoughts on having it pretty much boils down to the following question: What if I need to do an edge treatment on curved work? particularly concave curves. So I've been thinking I should do one of two things. Sell it and have nothing or sell it and buy a smaller router that is easier to handle for just this small amount of work. I've also considered that maybe a scratch stock of some type is all I really need for this work. I have no experience with scratch stocks though and am unsure if they are only useful for face treatments near an edge, like a bead, or if they are good for doing a cove or ovolo as an edge treatment. Anyone out there have any input on this topic. Hate keeping the router around for this little bit of just in case stuff.

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  1. Regis,

    If you want to borrow my scratch stock let me know. I've gotten so-so results from it.