Thursday, January 5, 2012

Working from the Tool chest

I don't actually have a tool chest, and I really need one, but that is a story for another day. What I'm talking about is working from the set of tools that was outlined in the book the Anarchist's Tool Chest.

If you read the last post you know I'm building a box out of walnut and that I resawed the stock for the sides of the box yesterday. Today I started planing it smooth and to thickness. Number 5 to the rescue. Now I've been using planes for a while now but mostly on pine for the screen doors and the roof bracket projects. First time for hardwood really and what an experience. First step, sharpen. I'm trying to get in the habit of sharpening my tools each day, it really helps. Next step, plane. So far so good the walnut cuts beautifully, I see why its a popular wood. The ends I'm using have some serious grain swirl and reversal, now that's rough. You can plane one half of the board one way and one half the other direction and this is both on the same side. First board I ever met that you couldn't go cross grain without serious tearout somewhere. More sharpening and some plane adjustment helped but I'll have to get down with the cabinet scraper to get the ends smooth. Guess I'll learn how to sharpen that next.

I'm determined to build this little box entirely by hand starting from rough stock. It may not be beautiful when I'm done but it will be mine. Learn by doing... I've got a few little boxes on my list for various household needs so I'll learn alot on the way.

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