Wednesday, January 4, 2012

See Me Resaw

So I'm building a little box and need some thin stock since its small. I've got some smaller pieces of black walnut, but it's too thick, a little over an inch. I look at the band saw but its set up with another blade and I don't feel like changing it. Hmmm.... I look a the board, the vise and I grab a 4 1/2 point rip from the till.

I was feeling kind of wild so I didn't even draw a line. I just marked around half of the board with a divider and started the saw there. Made sure to cut straight down the end grain and off I went. That's my 4 1/2 point Keen Kutter in the above photo. Cutting was a bit slower than I thought it should be so I switched to my 5 point D8. Now we were moving, apparently the Keen Kutter could use a sharpening session  and more rake to boot.

There I am getting near the end. I don't really know if there is some technique to finishing properly but what I did was turn the board around and start the other direction. The saw gods were smiling upon me since I was able to get the cuts lined right up without much issue.

For those wondering the board was 6 in wide by 28 in long and it took me 14 minutes to cut it from end to end.


  1. Probably would have taken you that long to change out the band saw blade, and make the cut,

  2. My thoughts pretty much. Changing band saw blades is pretty low on list of things I like to do. I'd definitely resaw by hand again for a small project.