Thursday, November 3, 2011

Woodwork restorations from the Plas Mawr

Following up on last weeks post I'd like to share a some photos of the various woodwork restorations of the Plas Mawr. First up here we have a restored door.

This exterior door has been repaired in a manner meant to conserve as much of the original wood and construction as possible, as you can see in the lower section just the wood that was unusable has been replaced, leading to the irregular profile at the top of the repair. The door has been reconstructed with forged clinched nails, in some cases rescued from the original work.

Continuing on the theme of structural restoration here is an example of restored timber in the structure of the tower roof.

I really appreciate how the conservators work to strike a balance between maintaining the original materials and doing replacements and repairs to maintain the structure as a whole. I think this photo clearly illustrates that delicate balance in the decision of what could stay and what needed replacing in this water damaged beam. 

In several video presentations on display throughout the home I was able to watch some of the restoration work on the home. Hand tools and human labor were employed to do all of the restoration work that was shown. Its great to see skilled workmen maintaining a part of the past into the future using the proper methods of the period.

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