Saturday, November 19, 2011

More Plas Mawr Furnishings

My apologies for getting behind in my posts.  I've been getting adjusted in a new job and moving into a new laptop so thanks for your patience and here's another post from Wales

In this third of my Plas Mawr posts I have a few pictures of furniture and other wood work to share. Here's a photo of a stool, or perhaps it's a low table, that was in the first room after you enter.

 If you've been watching the Lost Art Press blog/site it looks quite a bit like the type of stool that Peter Follansbee and Jennie Alexander will be discussing in their new book. I find myself wishing I had taken more detail photos of most of these pieces but we'll have to live with what I've got.

This photo is a kind of china cabinet and or server. It is skillfully carved with animal motifs and linenfold designs.

 I did actually take a close shot of the joinery on this amazing piece but I certainly could have got a few more of the carving. Notice the drawbored tenon joinery. I find myself wondering if the moldings are integral to the rails and stiles or if they are applied.

And finally here is the foot and stretcher of a dining table in the main entertaining hall of the house.  Simple through tenon and wedge construction is evident.

Its amazing to think that this furniture has survived for over four centuries. It definitely makes me want to learn all I can about the joinery techniques that constructed them in the hope that something I may craft could last even an eighth as long.

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  1. I can see now that the moldings are integral with the rails and stiles above. You can tell by the pins for the drawbores, they would be partially outside the edge of the tenon if they molding was applied.