Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Resource in the UK

Just a quick post to bring your attention to the new link in the Interesting Sites list to the left. I've just added Janette Ray Booksellers in York, UK, since it might be of interest to a good number of people out there. Janette Ray has a specific focus on architecture, design, photography and landscape subjects and some of this tends to encompass books on furnishings, carpentry, joinery, finishing, etc. It is here that I was lucky enough to obtain a Third Edition of Practical Modern Joinery by George Ellis and the volume on Furniture Making from Cassell's Handcraft Library, both turn of the century editions that cover handcraft woodworking.

Janette Ray ships to the US for a reasonable postage but book prices will vary with the exchange rate for US buyers. If you are looking for books that are hard to find in the US since they were primarily published in the UK this might be a good place to ask.

Also, York is a great city so if you happen to be in the UK you should stop and spend a few days.

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