Monday, March 7, 2011

Basement Workshop Reorg, Part 5

Well my workshop reorganization is for the most part complete. Along with the wall outlined in part 4 of this series I've also moved my workbench over to the space formerly occupied by my table saw. This move puts all of my tools at close hand to the bench. It's pretty convenient and it helps me stay organized by making it easy to get stuff I need and, more importantly, to put it away when I'm done. I'm keeping planes of all types under the bench right now. The bench planes will likely stay there while I plan on moving the molding and joinery planes to some as yet to be constructed shelves just across from the bench near the band saw. (Where the wine rack is in the pictures.) As you can see from the pics my stationary power equipment is down to the band saw, lathe, belt/disc sander, and drill press. So far I'm  pretty happy with the new arrangement. I pretty much have my whole workshop in an area under 300 sq. ft. and I feel like it's the most usable it's ever been. I'd love to hear from anyone about what they have done to make their small workshop better for them. Here's a few pics of the new layout. You can click on them to make them larger.

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