Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spoon Carving at the Steel City Folk School

I'm super excited to announce that I'll be doing a spoon carving workshop at the Steel City Folk School's November 7th event hosted at the Waldorf School in the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh's east end. The workshop will be just one of several sessions happening that day from Noon to 9pm. 

The spoon carving workshop will be 6 hours, which should be enough to get from a log to a spoon for each participant. Tools and material will be provided. More info to come as we get closer. Please check out the Steel City Folk School website for more information on the school and it's mission. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Woodworking Workshops and Your Support

Some of the student tools we've been lucky enough to acquire.
Hopefully many of you out there have been able to attend the woodworking workshops that I've been lucky enough to be able to present through the support of the  Landmarks Preservation Resource Center. I've been working to make those a hands on learning experience for everyone who attends, and have it be a fun learning atmosphere. Having tools for everyone to use for the projects has been one of the challenges and I've been working to collect tools for four student tool kits. The goal of these tool kits is to have enough tools so people don't have to wait and share too much and to provide interested people with the opportunity to use hand tools in ready to use condition. As the diversity of the projects attempted has increased a wider range of tools has become necessary. Also I have some new opportunities to provide workshops with a longer time format allowing more in depth learning, something I've been wanting to do for a long time.

Both this wider range of projects and the opportunity to go more in depth have increased the need to have complete tool kits for learners. To fund this idea I've started a fundraising campaign with GoFundMe, an online fundraising site. If you've attended one of the workshops, or even if you haven't, support craft and learning and donate something to help us get people on the road to learning woodcraft. Donate now at http://www.gofundme.com/tnywtoolkits and thank you!

Thank you and best regards,
Regis Will, TNYW

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some Tool Care Products I Like

Rust prevention and removal
If you use tools you know that they get dirty and sometimes rust creeps in unexpectedly. A friend was asking what I used to take care of my tools and aside from dusting them off before they go in the tool chest I use the three products above. They've been my goto for tool restoration and maintenance for years now and I see no reason to change. They work and work well.

First up, in the spray bottle, CMT's Formula 2050 bit and blade cleaner. Yep, its made primarily for power tools and by a power tool company, but it's awesome for anything. If your tool has pitch, sap, gunk, whatever, this will remove it. It is also a good de-greaser. It's friendly to work with being non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-flammable. It also provides rust and corrosion protection. I have little to no rust problems with tools I use this on. I order it from Highland Woodworking in Atlanta and it's currently $9.99 for the 18oz bottle. If you are a home shop it should last you a while, can't remember the last time I bought some and I use it all the time. A spray or two will do ya!

Next up, Autosol. This is some great metal polish. Made in Germany for the automotive industry it polishes up any kind of metal. Will remove light rust, patina, etc. A white paste, it works partially chemically and partially abrasively. Leaves a silky smooth surface. No idea where I got this but I see its available on Amazon, eBay and other places for a variety of prices. I have the 75ml/3.33oz tube and it will probably last me for the rest of life. Definitely worth having around. 

Last but not least, the sandflex block from Klingspor. Also made in Germany, its a rubber block like an eraser impregnated throughout with metal filings. This is the big gun for eliminating rust. You'll have shiny metal in no time. It's also good for removing that clear lacquer they put on everything now to prevent rust. Available from Lie-Nielsen for $7.00. Comes in coarse, medium and fine. I have the medium and it does the job.

There you go, three things to keep your tools happy and rust free, whether they are powered by you or electrons. Enjoy.