Thursday, October 30, 2014

New classes and presentations

Spoon carving, just one of the topics on tap.
New classes and presentations are on the calendar for the rest of '14 and most of '15. Check the "Classes and Presentations" tab above for full descriptions. Here's a little taste of whats going on in the next couple of months.
  • Nov 8th at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center: Making replica moldings, participants can make a profiled scraper and then use it to make a molding.
  • Dec 13th at the Western PA Woodworkers meeting: Adhesives and Glues. Multiple presenters including myself will discuss the pros and cons of 6 popular wood glues
  • Jan 10th at the Western PA Woodworkers meeting: Spoon carving in green wood, covering carving techniques, tools, and safety in this interesting and accessible craft
  • Jan 17th at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center: Carpentry Basics, sawing and basic joint skills are covered while building a sawing bench. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Axe and Knife

The axe and the knife
Sorry for the lack of posts as of late, I've been totally enamored with greenwood carving of spoons for most of the summer. Its a wood working activity that I can fit in to small snips of time and I totally get lost in it. You don't realize how much subtlety there is in the design of a spoon until you start making them.

One could say that the spoon is likely our first tool, the first thing that we really learn how to use and one of the earliest objects to which we become acquainted as infants. While carving spoons I've learned how much, and how little, I know about the form of the spoon.

My 10th spoon
Working with just the axe and knives is a lot of fun as well. An the wood is pretty much free as most of it I've found or gotten from tree cutters before it goes in the chipper. I'll be posting more about spoons, bowls and the like and the tools used to make them. Just wanted to let you know where I have been.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exterior Woodwork Presentation Followup

Woodwork like this can be brought back and will last another 100 yrs
Just want to extend a thanks to those who attended, you were a great group to work with on this decidedly un-fun, but important, topic. A special thanks to Abatron for supplying a wood restoration kit for use at this presentation. As usual here is my follow up to questions that came up at the workshop.

Probably number one was an alternative to the professional grade Abatron products. I only have experience with these products from Minwax, which have held up fine for the past 10 yrs where I have put them to use, for smaller cracks and voids. For a filler/putty the Minwax High Performance Wood Filler works but is sticker and harder to work with. For a consolidant/wood hardener the Minwax High Performance Wood Hardener does work. Both are available at local home stores.

Here's a link to some thoughts on these products from Historic HomeWorks, they are near the end of the page, just above the heading "Opinion".

Comments and questions are always welcome.